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Discover the benefits of running online estate auctions through our proprietary CT BIDS platform

At Caring Transitions, a nationally recognized provider of transitional services, we specialize in relocation, downsizing, and estate sales. Through CT Bids – our proprietary auction platform - we also organize online estate auctions for clients who live far away or are short on time.

How Does CT Bids Work?

When you choose to work with Caring Transitions of Somerset, Middlesex and Union County, first you get to sit down with one of our local experts for your free consultation. During the initial meeting, you can present any items you would like to place on CT Bids. Our team member can take photos and list each item with you. The best part – once you upload the pictures and descriptions, you are all done. All you have to do is wait until these items are sold through our platform for online estate auctions. This is a rather convenient solution as you do not have to interrupt your daily life like you would have to with a regular estate sale. 

How Can I Price My Items On CT Bids?

When utilizing CT Bids, you will have access to a number of pricing options on our site. What makes this app so unique is that you never have to sell your items in just one method. Instead, you can choose the following options on CT Bids:

  • Auction: This somewhat traditional auction option allows you to state your price and then wait until the item is sold to the highest bidder.
  • Fixed price: If you are not too keen on bidding, you can just set a fixed price on the item and sell it to the first interested party.
  • Classified ad: To boost your offer and sell off your items more quickly, you can opt to run classified ads for your online estate auctions. This option enables you to showcase images, descriptions, prices, and well as shipping costs of the items you wish to sell. Bear in mind, once a particular object is sold, you are expected to take the ad down.
  • Buy now: Just like with fixed price, the buy now option offers the chance to immediately purchase a specific item at a pre-set price that is not subject to change.  
  • Reserve: When you want to allow bidding but are worried that your item might not go for the price you want, simply reserve the price. You can set your expected price behind-the-scenes, which the bidders are unable to see. If the asked price has not been met, you can either choose to restart the action or offer the item to the bidder who offered the highest amount.

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