Is It Time To Downsize?

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Are you thinking about getting that dreaded task, downsizing, done and over with? We’ll show you how.

Most of us accumulate things as time goes by and after years, or even decades, of living in the same house, it adds up. Kitchen drawers are stuffed full, closets are crammed, and the basement … we don’t even want to think about the boxes upon boxes stored there.

Perhaps you’re considering a move into a smaller space, whether to cut costs or reduce how many square feet you have to take care of. Maybe you’re at the stage where you realize that any possessions you leave behind will have to be dealt with by a child or someone you love. Or it could be that you are just feeling burdened by all of the physical objects taking up space.

Why Declutter?

Most of us live with some level of clutter without realizing that it can make us less productive, even triggering coping and avoidance strategies that can send us to the TV with a bowl of ice cream. In fact, research verifies that our physical environment has a big impact on our cognition, emotions and even our relationships with other people. 

There’s no shortage of benefits from cutting back on our possessions. It’s actually doing it that’s hard. Weeks or even months may be needed to go through a lifetime of accumulations. 

 Difficulty of Letting Go

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you might need something in the future that you haven’t needed in the past. “If you already weren’t using it, or didn’t like it, why on earth would you want to pack it up and schlep it to your next house?” says professional home organizer Kimberly Stockwell of NJ-based Organizing By Kimberly. “I know it sounds silly, but people do it all the time. Moving isn’t cheap, either; do you really want to pay extra to move stuff you don’t even want? Don’t delude yourself by telling yourself you’ll deal with it at your next destination. No, you won’t.”

It’s not going to be easy to get rid of things. “It brings up all kinds of emotional issues,” said Rosina Caruvana, a relocation specialist with Caring Transitions of Somerset, NJ. “It’s not just moving things but the emotional letting go that adds to the stress.”

Some collections may be particularly hard to let go of, but they’re just going to sit in a box. Those refrigerator magnets from all your trips, your child’s sweet drawings from long ago, the collection of teddy bears. Pick a couple of your favorites to keep and let go of the rest.

 What To Do With Unwanted Items

If your house is full of desirable objects that have good value and you don’t know where to begin, you can contact Caring Transitions to help you navigate through the process.  We are the nation's largest and most recognized estate sale and relocation specialists. Downsizing and moving are two of life's most stressful, time consuming transitions. Caring Transitions works with you to make the process much easier and stress free. Contact us today for your free assessment and consultation.

George Pizzo is owner of Caring Transitions of Somerset County NJ, the region’s professional solution for full relocation services including downsizing, decluttering and estate sales.

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