Create an Upcycled Utopia: The Dining Room

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The dining room is probably the second most popular gathering place in the home after the living room. In a room that is so essential to entertaining guests, it’s important to put your best foot forward and show a flash of personality.  Upcycling is a unique way to create something that shows who you are while breathing new life into something “new to you.”



Here’s a few ideas for inspiration: 

The Dining Table

The dining table is the focal point of the dining room. According to experts at Forbes, any table you purchase should “be well crafted and strong, seat a good many people and be a good size for most rooms.” If you decide to upcycle or use reclaimed materials, be sure to understand the needs of your room. Any table you create or purchase resale should fit comfortably within your space. Round tables seat more guests comfortably in smaller or square dining spaces, while rectangular tables work well in larger spaces. A few great materials to create a table:

·         A reclaimed or repurposed door

·         Conduit or plumbing pipe and glass

·         Wooden, Shipping or Square Pallets

·         Concrete slab

·         Thrifted glass


Lighting Elements & Lighting Fixtures

Lighting sets the tone for any dining experience and helps highlight the best design elements of any room. Design experts suggest using multiple light sources and options adds charm to a room that allows you to manipulate lighting for every occasion. If you have a round table, hang a round fixture above the table, and a square fixture above rectangular or square tables. A few great materials to upcycle or create lighting elements and fixtures:

·         Repurposed Globes

·         Wine Bottles and Vases

·         Pottery Pieces

·         Salvaged Objects and Architecture

·         Candlesticks

·         Mason Jars


Decorative Accessories

Add a colorful theme or texture to the dining room with well placed decorative accessories. It’s simple to update the look of your space with reclaimed or repurposed decorative accessories. To add bold flare, infuse pops of color into your oasis with ceramic vases, benches, footstools, small sculptures or other items that add a bit of personality. These items flaunt character and enhance the narrative of your bedroom theme. When looking for that one of a kind piece, consider repurposing an item you have in your home or finding new inspiration in gently used or resale items. Remember to look for items that speak for your personality and meld well with the dining room’s design and the dining table’s shape. A few great item’s to look for:

·         Candlesticks

·         Art and Art Frames

·         Vases

·         Baskets

·         Small Pitchers

·         Rugs

·         Mirrors

·         Small Statues or Sculptures


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