Moving the Clutter Before the Move

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Moving day can be stressful and planning can help alleviate that stress. There are many things to do before the actual moving day that will set the plan in place for a stress-free move. Decluttering, clean-outs and liquidation of assets to earn money to offset the cost of the move are all part of a great move plan.

Clutter can often make the upkeep and maintenance of any home a challenge. Add the stress of moving into a new environment to an explosion of excess belongings, the stress of packing and unpacking, and the worst part of moving will be intensified. 

So, before you make your next move, we want to give you a few tips and ideas on what clutter to move out of your life for good. 

Where to begin?

  • Start the process by deciding which items are most meaningful to you and those you need for your daily routine. Be sure to identify family heirlooms and keepsakes you are certain you want to bring to your next home.
  • Understand the layout, limitations, and organization wishes for your new space. Create a plan for what you believe should comfortably be in each room.
  • Decide which items you want to donate or consider selling.

What should I let go of without question?

  • Dispose of broken or outdated electronics.
  • Dispose of broken or chipped dinnerware, flatware, and glassware.
  • Discard broken, worn or rusted kitchen utensils.
  • Dispose of expired or excess toiletries, makeup, and grooming products.
  • Discard torn, ripped or worn decorative items like rugs and pillows.
  • Reduce items that have “multiples.” If you have four casserole dishes or 6 umbrellas, it may be a good idea to donate or give away a few of each.
  • Return items that you’ve stored or kept for friends and family.
  • Don’t be ashamed to upcycle, gift, sale or donate items you have kept out of guilt or fear.
  • Donate or consider selling clothes, shoes and or coats that have never fit, currently don’t fit or have simply been taking up space new or barely worn.
  • Donate old eyeglasses.
  • Donate or consider selling new or gently used exercise equipment and small kitchen appliances.
  • Sort the linen closet and donate or sell anything that doesn’t match. Then discard all worn or stained items.
  • Donate books and magazines you’ve finished reading.  With many cool reading devices and digital book options, your favorite book will always be available if you ever really wish to read them again.
  • Discard outdated spices.
  • Discard or recycle loose papers and any accumulated junk mail or newspaper. Remember to shred any item with sensitive information. Consider subscribing to digital versions of your favorite periodicals to continue reading the information you love.
  • Find safe outlets for your outdated medications and over the counter products. Most police stations and pharmacies sponsor “take-back” programs.
  • If moving to an apartment or condo, it’s time to sell or donate your lawn, garden and home maintenance items
  • Dump the entire contents of the “junk drawer.” Be sure to look for keys or other essential items and sort them from the items you will discard.
  • Reduce your inventory of seasonal décor items.  Try to keep only those that are space efficient or have tremendous sentimental value.

See more items to declutter from specific rooms in Decluttering Room by Room: 10 Things to Get Rid of in Each Room.

What important items should I look out for?

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Medical history or reports that includes major procedures, surgeries, allergies, current medications or supplements
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Surrogate/POA
  • Living Will
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver's license
  • Social Security card
  • Marriage certificate
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage records
  • Military records
  • Home Improvement records
  • Banking and Financial Records in some cases including tax returns, stocks or investments

Remember that any move is a process that works best with a plan and lots of patience. Visualizing what you want helps you make a conscious decision to live comfortably in the next place you will call home.




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